For You Weekly- Personalized Collections on YouPorn

YouPorn is launching Personalized Collections, called ‘For You Weekly’. Using our industry-leading machine learning systems to generate custom, personalized algorithmically generated collections for every single logged-in user! These playlists will be updated weekly with the newest videos, based off of each individual users’ activity and preferences. What more could you ask for?

‘For You Weekly’ is inspired by the way media platforms cater to and improve the user experience by eliminating the need of searching on their own for content they like.  In perfect pairing with this feature, we are also launching ‘Guest Playlists’ where we ask our favorite content creators to share their YouPorn playlists with our users. Our guests @cummanifesto and @scientwehst have put together the perfect playlists for your viewing pleasure.

@cummanifesto aka. Allie Oops- She is interested in sex, in all of its manifestations and justice, wherever it’s lacking. She fights for rights and fucks for money. A self-taught videographer, she produces, directs, performs in, edits and distributes all of her own porn. With an exclusivey women, queer, trans and gender non conforming team; she subtly queerifies mainstream porn formulas with her documentary style pornography and behind the scenes shorts. Allie serves us ethically made porn that’s hot, beautiful and funny all in one film. She also gives really, really good head.

Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of indie pay-for-porn, so most of my favorites don’t live on this site. But I also recognize that not everyone can afford to pay for porn, and sometimes mainstream porn just gets us off in a specific kind of way that can’t be replicated elsewhere (HD, closeup of genital shots, etc.) So! I made a playlist of some of my favorite videos and pornstars that you can access for free! It is mostly lesbian stuff (because everyone knows I’m queer as fuck in my personal life). But I included a couple straight vids with my favorite boys (Owen Gray, Mickey Mod, King Noir) for those who want to experience sexy ass cis men in porn. I included a couple of my fav trans performers like Venus Lux and Domino Presley, and so many cis women I look up to in the mainstream industry; Abella Danger, Lotus Lain, Janice Griffith, Anna Foxxx and Chanell Heart to name a few. I find that following performers over categories always leads me to a gold mine of bomb content, rather than drowning for hours in a sea of endless videos. Enjoy getting off to what I get off to!!!

Xo, Allie Oops

Check out Allie’s playlist here (NSFW).

@scientwehst– is a New York-based digital artist that works across social media platforms, combining appropriated pornographic imagery with architectural photography. Erotic yet uncanny, the results are what scientwehst calls “brazenly feminine digital collages,” highly suggestive juxtapositions that the artist then prints on everything from t-shirts to skateboards. A fine-tuning to biomorphic design is evident; her sex-positive collages beg the question, are our buildings based on our bodies, or vice versa? Interested in exposing “the absurdity of censorship in the contemporary era,” scientwehst has seemingly found a loophole that allows her to evoke hardcore intimacy without exposing her followers to nudity (or her own account to deletion).

Ever wondered what I choose to search for in YouPorn? Not only do I utilize mainstream porn images in my work, but I also value porn as an artistic contribution to sexuality and culture. My playlist is a look at some of my favorite go-to scenes with some of the best performers in the game. Click away! 

Check out Scientwehst’s playlist here (NSFW).

In addition, YouPorn has implemented several site updates to further improve user experience, including new categories, video tagging and additional filters in order to increase efficiency and overall accuracy of user searches. YouPorn’s new groupings include “Star,” to describe the actual performers physical attributes, “Action,” referring to what positions or activities occur in the videos, “Story,” including specific plot or fantasies, and “Details,” including how it was made, number of participants, or the orientation.

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