Latex Futa Nuns From Hell - Chapter 3 - Seeding The Sisterhood

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It was 3:58 AM and rain pitter-pattered steadily on the windows of the convent. Jessica awoke to almost pure darkness. There was no moonlight to illuminate her spartan room this evening. It had stormed on and off all night, but Jessica had slept like the dead. Her dreams had overwhelmed her with wanton Femdom lust.

'What the hell!?'

She felt moisture on her breasts and her hands flew to them. Sure enough, her fingers were coated in milky discharge as she felt her areolas. Her nipples were lactating copiously.

'Ugh... why?!?'

She wiped her fingers on the bedding. It was so dark in her room that Jessica couldn't decipher the long, black habit lying atop her office chair. She had discarded it immediately upon returning to her room, but kept on her red leather bondage brassiere. She had been too exhausted to remove the complex network of buckles, straps and zippers that made up her lingerie. If she was honest, she wanted to sleep in it.

Now that she was awake, her left hand found her long, fat cock instinctually. She could feel the red leather straps digging into her supple mocha skin and it heightened her desire as she began lewdly masturbating. Her morning wood needed little encouragement and her bulging brown sack ached with the need for release.

Jessica had heard the term “blue balls” when she was younger but could only guess what it felt like until now. She hadn't climaxed since getting her ass rimmed and receiving her first taste of sweet male nectar the night before. Her libido was through the roof and her need to cum was desperate.

She began moaning lightly as her hand glided back and forth, the pleasurable sensations intensifying rapidly as her smooth palm slipped up and down her slick, meaty cock. Had she been leaking pre-cum in her sleep? Or was this residual filth from her encounter with Francis? Jessica decided that it didn't matter. It felt amazing.

She plunged her right hand below her ass, lifted the leather strap that ran down her crack and began massaging her rosebud with her middle finger. She moved it around her pucker in slow circles and within minutes she was biting her lip to avoid crying out in elation.

'Fuck! So good!!! But I better put a condom on or this is going to be a huge fucking mess...'

She summoned every ounce of her will and released her rapidly stiffening rod. She reached over the bedside and fumbled around in the dark for her bag. Thankfully it was just within reach and she snatched one of the XXL magnum condoms she'd purchased.

Jessica tore the plastic tab open and rolled the rubbery sheath down her shaft; making sure to leave plenty of room at the head. Even the biggest condom Forbidden Fruit offered barely covered two thirds of her fully engorged length. The latex strained around her considerable girth and to her surprise, feeling latex tight around her cock only turned her on more.

'Goddamn, I must have a latex fetish if I actually like condoms. Every guy I was ever with only complained about having to wear them. I don't know why... it feels so nice.”

She laid back and resumed her long, needy strokes without delay. Her right hand found her back door once again and she probed it with increasing need. She plunged the tip of her finger into her ass and started making circles around the inside of her pucker. Her left hand pistoned up and down her latex covered shaft, her orgasm building rapidly.


Jessica bit her tongue as her climax hit her like a mac truck. Her body convulsed in pleasure as thick ropes of hot nut shot out of her flesh hose and congealed in the top of the extra large condom. Her hand was a blur, gliding back and forth as gob after gob of sticky paste erupted from her tip; filling the condom and expanding it into a perverse balloon animal of tightly packed jizz.

Jessica could only watch the cum balloon grow as her balls emptied into the slick sheath. Her back lifted off the bed as she jacked herself furiously. Finally her eyes rolled back and her head hit the pillow as the final buttery spurts shot out of her cum cannon. The tension seeped out of her body in a relaxing wave leaving only endorphins and intense euphoria.

She lay in the dark groping her breasts through the leather harness; milking the orgasm for every ounce of pleasure before running her left hand through her hair. As morning rituals went, Jessica liked this much better than anything she'd ever done as a Sister of Guadalupe.

She gazed at the ceiling as she recovered, formulating her plans for Father Francis that day. Before long, a faint glow emerged in the center of the room and slowly grew in intensity. Jessica wasn't surprised this time. On the contrary, she had been expecting another visit.

The light gathered, dispersed and Lilith was given form once again. Jessica sat up and leaned back against her headboard, examining yet another guise her strange benefactor had taken on. This time she appeared in purple flesh from head to toe; black tribal tattoos scattered across her mostly naked body. She had no wings, but her tail and horns remained; sprouting from her temple and rear respectively. Silky, white, shoulder length hair framed her head and her eyes glowed the color of turquoise.

Her purple breasts were massive with metal studs piercing both nipples prominently. An absurdly large cock hung from Lilith's pelvis and was sheathed in shiny black latex. Jessica had never even imagined a cock that huge. It looked like it belonged on a horse more than a humanoid. Matching her massive cock sleeve were shoulder length gloves and thigh high boots; the latex gleaming in the glow surrounding the demonic shemale.

Lilith placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head, proudly displaying her endowments to Jessica.

“Greetings my disciple.”

“Good evening Mistress” Jessica said, bowing her head slightly. “If I may be so bold, how many forms do you have?”

“As many as I pl

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Notes A powerful Succubus rises, but she needs allies. Where better to start than her own convent?
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