Latex Futa Nuns From Hell - Chapter 2 - The Subjugation Of Father Francis

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It was a blazing hot summer day as Jessica trudged down the burning sidewalk, her thick wool habit making the journey much more arduous than it needed to be. That had been the story of her life since joining the Sisters of Guadalupe. It might as well have been the sisterhood's motto. “Harder than it has to be.” But not for much longer. Their mission was no longer hers. Jessica was charting a new course and the first stop was a sex shop in downtown Austin.

She had desperately wanted to wear her “bathing habit” for this excursion. It was the only convent sanctioned outfit that allowed a nun to show some skin. Typically it was worn when doing “dirty work” outside or on the rare occasion when the nuns went on a field trip to the beach. But for now, the bathing habit wasn't an option. Lilith's gift would have displayed much too prominently in that garment, so Jessica had to suffer and sweat in a full habit for a little while longer. As she did, Lilith's curse scraped at her mind as much as her digestive system. Her need for a man's essence grew more urgent by the hour and it drove her forward with ambition.

After a long walk in the summer heat and dozens of gawks from people unused to seeing a nun in public, Jessica spotted her destination. The name of the shop, “Forbidden Fruit” was lit up in blazing neon, buzzing away and wasting electricity in the sun blasted concrete jungle. She ducked into the shop and immediately felt the sweet relief of air conditioning. This was decidedly not a waste of electricity and if Jessica was successful in her conquest of the church and the convent, installing central air would be a top priority.

A bell jingled as Jessica entered the dimly lit store, but the man at the counter was deep in conversation with a pair of customers and hadn't yet noticed her. She slipped down one of the aisles as the heavy smells of rubber, metal and lubricant assailed her nostrils. Shelves of sex toys, restraints, bondage equipment and shiny fetish clothing slid into view as she silently prowled through the store. Jessica was immediately aroused, her cock beginning to stir as she reflexively clasped her hands in front of her. She longed for the day when she wouldn't have to be so careful, but for now she knew that discretion was the better part of valor.

She reached into her right pocket and felt the wad of cash secure at her side. Like most nuns, the Sisters of Guadalupe were forbidden from maintaining wealth of any significance due to their vow of poverty. However, the sisters were allowed to keep “petty cash” on hand for personal needs and emergencies. The amount she had saved from doing odd jobs in the community was probably more than Mother Superior would have approved, but Jessica had always believed in stretching rules to the breaking point. Even at the high prices she was observing, Jessica had enough to cover her needs today and then some. If she played her cards right, she might even get some of her “wants.”

She heard the customers wrapping up their chat at the back of the store and prepared to make her move. Jessica hunched down and peered through the racks of leather and latex clothing to get a better look at the man at the counter. He was bespectacled, medium build and sported a crew cut. He appeared to be in his early 30s, was about Jessica's height and wore a polo shirt and khaki pants. She couldn't help but think he would've looked more at home in a Best Buy than a sex shop. There didn't appear to be any other staff on hand. This was a golden opportunity to test out the new abilities Lilith had granted her.

Jessica waited as the young couple exited the store, the ringing bell alerting her that the coast was clear. She stepped out of the aisle and began making her way to the counter at the back. The young man had ducked down and was apparently searching for something below the desk. Jessica grinned, relishing this opening that good luck had provided.

She reached the counter without making a sound, raised her hand and brought it down on the metal bell pointedly. A loud ring sang out followed by an audible thud below the desk as the young man smacked his head against the top of the counter.

“Ahhh! DAMMIT!”

“Oops” said Jessica in feigned surprise, her mischievous expression unchanging.

The young man popped up behind the desk, his face reddened and pained. His frustration quickly faded to consternation as he found himself face to face with the beautiful young nun. His eyes opened wide, nodes of deep black within white as he gazed at her in total perplexity.

“Hello there, Mam. Is there something I can do for you?”

“You can start by calling me Jessica.”

“Sister Jessica?”

“Just Jessica will do.”

“Uhhh, Mam... err, Jessica... are you sure you're in the right place?”

She looked from side to side, taking in the fetish emporium in all it's glory before returning her coy expression back to the young man.

“If I was in the wrong place, I'd know by now, don't you think?”

The young man stared at her for long seconds before replying. Jessica wondered if it was the pheromones or if he would've been smitten with her regardless. Had she stumbled on someone with a nun fetish? Or simply another white boy thirsty for a taste of Latina in his life? It mattered little, the real test would come soon.

“I, uh... well, you're right, of course, Miss.”

“You got a name?”

“It's Timothy, Mam.”

“Miss... Mam... You don't follow instructions very well do you?”

Timothy was completely flustered at this point, rubbing the back of his head with one hand as Jessica crossed her arms below her breasts. She raised one eyebrow as her gaze turned haughty.

“My apologies. I just... it's very nice to meet you, Jessica.”

“The pleasure is all mine. You wouldn't happen to be the owner of this establishment, would you Tim?”

“Why yes, I am” he said proudly, setting his hands on the counter-top and smiling back at his intriguing and unlikely cus

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Notes Driven by primal thirst and wanton lust, Jessica casts aside her persona and embraces her anima.
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